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Lore and A new Hive God?

So I was doing the daily story this week and it happened to be Regicide. I was taking my time screwing around and scanning everything I could, then I came across 3 pillars near the room where you fight oryx. Note: the pillars looked very similar to the ones you see in the Warpriest room. I scanned them, and my ghost more or less told me the middle one stood for Oryx, the right one stood for Crota, and when I scanned the left one my ghost said he didn't regognize the markings But he thought they stood for someone or some thing Called Nokris. I have been through all of my grimoire cards and all 50 of the calcified fragment grimoire cards, also known as the books of sorrow, and I can't find a single mention of this "Nokris". Who is Nokris? Is he associated with Quria? Or the Leviathan? Or the Ahamkara ? Note: We've Woken The Hive!!!! Anyway I'm looking for some feedback from some people who might know more about this. #Lore #Oryx #Crota #Nokris #Help

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