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3/15/2016 6:50:20 PM

Clan Interrogation via API

I have been pulling member data for my clan either via GetMembersOfClan or GetMembersOfGroupV3. The methodology is to only use PUBLIC endpoint info as I want to keep the details read only for now and I am NOT a clan admin. I am however seeing a discrepancy. Either the clan admin's are not setup right or the API is giving weird info. I have a known admin that is returning 0 for memberType instead of 1. (regular member vs admin) here is a snippet with names removed. Thoughts? I have the founder looking at their setup. { <<< FOUNDER >>> "groupId": "910604", "isMember": true, "memberType": 2, "isOriginalFounder": true }, { <<< KNOWN ADMIN >>> "groupId": "910604", "isMember": true, "memberType": 0, "isOriginalFounder": false },

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