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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
3/15/2016 2:26:34 AM

So far the top complaints I have seen browsing these posts...

1. The Division (Or any other game that could 'Kill Destiny') 2. Content and lack there of. 3. Blasting DeeJ with extreme prejudice. As for the first one goes, Any game can kill Destiny just like Destiny can kill any game. It's a personal preferance to the player. And from what i seen over the past three weeks Destiny is in a weak place and is like a wounded animal ready to just quit. Which, don't get me wrong, it should. This game is a flop overall. It failed to deliver engaging within it's first year and constant confusion that is probably going on behind the scenes isn't helping at all. Whoever made the call to nerf everything in year one obviously doesn't know a bad call, and this was a huge mistake. This franchise won't last more than three years, and Destiny 2 is a pipe dream. There are way too many flaws within this one still. Now moving on to the probably most confusing part because this goes both directions. Content. Everyone is screaming about content and lack there of. While I agree that yes there is a severe lack of content after finishing your raids and such there is a reason behind that. New content development takes a long time to make, especially when it isn't pre-existing in the game like the content from TDB and HoW. All those places we snuck into, the King's Watch glitch and The Citadel Halo jump glitch to get the ghosts were skeletons for what was to come. We are past that now and we only have one actual new location which is The Dreadnaught. Other than that 95% of everything is recycled from other parts of the game itself. As a developer I can assure the community it takes a long time to develop content. Hell League of Legends has champions month's in advance already in the works, and just recently a dragon champion named Ao Shin was ultimately scrapped as his conceptually further along similar counter part Aurelion Sol is now on the Public Beta Envirorment. It takes a lot of time and effort to make sure content is absolutely complete with the exception of maybe a few bug patches and glitch fixes within the first few weeks. I can promise you the same thing will happen with The Division, in the aspect of them running out of content and the forum blazing with demands for more. Developers aren't god, they can't make things within a day and ship it out. Yes Destiny was lacking content on release and yes it was stupid of them to use TTK as a market tool for a whole new game experience but they only did it to increase the longevity of this game. Right now Destiny is in down time until more details are out. On to probably the most humorous part of all: Everyone bashing on DeeJ. DeeJ is ONE PERSON. And not even someone who helps develop content at that. All he does is write the weekly updates. Other than that, He is Bungie's fall guy. We all know it. We know he probably hates his job and resents Bungie deep deep down, somewhere, in his heart. DeeJ can only tell you what is confirmed and what is not confirmed. Anything else then his head is on the block for flame if something gets changed. This goes back to the Ao Shin problem. That champion's lead developer announced him almost 3 fRIGGIN' YEARS AGO and the whole community for three years had been expecting it. The problem was the information told was in extremely early development and Ao Shin didn't even have a full character model, he was nothing more than some in game comic referance and an idea. A 2D model was done but that was a concept model. Ao Shin sat iceboxed for 3 years before Morello ultimately had to come out and say the project was dead and Aurelion Sol was instead much further along in development. DeeJ is doing his job at being Bungie's fall guy and seeing all the hate on the boards it really doesn't surprise me why he never responds. Even on the League Boards Red's rarely post as a lot of the community insult them and tell them to get back to work and are downright cruel when they are in fact PLAYING THE GAME THEY PLAY FOR FREE. Minus the micro transactions for champion skins and such. Cut the man a little slack he is only human. And DeeJ, if you happen to read this, this isn't a rant or anything, this is just everything I have just observed between browsing the boards and playing the game. I know you are a busy guy so I really don't expect a reply from you but just know that I feel the Destiny I knew is gone and Bungie made a bad call with nerfing everything in year 1. That was a heavy hit in my opinion to the game overall.

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