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Изменено (R0m4n0rumD3us): 3/5/2016 1:31:31 AM

Easter Egg Hunt

Hey Destiny community! It's your friendly neighborhood Roman here... again! I'm a huge fan of PvE. I especially enjoy side quests and missions. I'm all for anything that adds to the Destiny experience. With Easter right around the corner, I was thinking of something that might actually be pretty cool and give players something to do for the holiday weekend. How awesome would it be to go on an easter egg hunt during Patrol... Destiny style? Select Patrol. Fly in. Hop on your sparrow or set off on foot and start looking for chests. It would kinda work like the material farming for the exotic sword quest, but instead you'll find legendary year one weapons! I know many of you wish you had some of those old weapons back, right? Want that Payback SOS, The Devil You Know or Badger CCL? How about a Secret Handshake, Light Beware or LDR 5001? Maybe a BTRD-345 or a One Way Ticket 000? And wouldn't it be even better if they dropped year two ready? I can tell you one thing... I'd be hunting non-stop! Be sure to bump this. And yes... I added this to Feedback/Community Wishlist already. And stop making this a religious thing. It's not. It's about Easter Eggs. Get it? [b]NOTICE[/b]- [i]Anyone who posts something about religion will have their post(s) reported to the ninjas on the prowl. Thank you for your cooperation. ;)[/i]

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