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My Exotic Weapon Idea and Full Creation

Name: [b]Craftsmans Key[/b] Flavor Text: [i]Reliable, Durable and fast...the key is in the craftsmanship.[/i] Weapon Type: [b]Sidearm[/b] Damage Type: [b]Solar[/b] Intrinsic Perk: [b]Craftsman[/b]: [quote]Gains better target acquisition when aiming down sights. This weapon can be drawn unbelievably fast when critically wounded.[/quote] [spoiler]via increase aim-assist down sights & proc (Quickdraw) when red bar health.[/spoiler] [u]Sights Column:[/u] 1st: TrueSight IS 2nd: SteadyHand IS Secondary Perk: Feeding Frenzy [u]Perk Column:[/u] 1st: Oiled Frame 2nd: Injection Mold 3rd: Triple Tap Exotic Perk: [b]The Key[/b]: [quote]This weapon can be fired rapidly in full auto mode. Easier to aim under fire using this weapon when critically wounded.[/quote] [spoiler]via ROF increase by 10% thus 110 plus full auto capability & proc 33% reduction on incoming flinch damage (Unflinching) when red bar health.[/spoiler] Appearance: [i]Perfect satin black slide. Silver barrel, front, barrel bushing and recoil spring guide rod. Snowblind white grip.[/i] [b]Image[/b]:[url=]Craftsmans Key[/url] [u]Primary Stats:[/u] Rate of Fire: 100 Impact: 5 Range: 41 Stability: 79 Reload: 83 Magazine size: 10 [u]Secondary Stats:[/u] Aim assistance: 86 Equip Speed: 58 Recoil direction: 85 Zoom: 12 Quest: [spoiler]Crucible Rank:25, obtained from Cayde-6. Step:1 *Kill 150 Enemies in Patrol with sidearms. *Kill 25 Guardians in Crucible with sidearms. Step:2 [i]Cayde's Stash lvl:40, Light:290, Race to the top of the colony ship into the secret room at the top before the lift to scan the Jack of Spades(Häkke), to find the hidden access code for the coordinates of a lost warsat.[/i] *Countdown Timer: 2:00 minutes, starts at the top of elevator. *Must defeat 25 Enemies before the scan with sidearms, starts at the top of elevator. Step:3 [i]The Last Array lvl:40, Light:300, Activate the Array with the access code to search for the lost warsat.[/i] *Survive 5:00 minutes of full enemy assault by Hive, Fallen and Taken. [i]You learn that the warsat is around Saturn and is on a collision course with the dreadnaught. The warsat crashes into an inner chamber on the ship.[/i] Step:4 [i]Special Mission: "In and Out" lvl:40, Light 300, Location: King's Fall Raid.[/i] (From Opening the Portal, to the end of the jumping puzzle of ships at the hallway with the shrieker. Hallway is closed, Hard Mode Puzzle) [i]There will be the warsat right at the hallway crashed inside the dreadnaught. Scan warsat to extract the package.[/i] *Survive 5:00 minutes of full enemy assult by Oryx's Hive and Taken.(Ships come and drop off Hive left and right of warsat and Taken teleport into the location) *Active modifiers: Trickle, Chaff and Juggler. {Matchmaking disabled, Fireteam of 6 required} [i]After you then obtain the "Craftsmans Case" and are told to return to Cayde-6.[/i] Step:5 *Give the "Craftsmans Case" to Cayde-6 to unlock, for he is the Craftsman and has the Key. *Reward: Craftsmans Key[/spoiler] Edit1: I love all the feed back and will be taking it all to adjust the weapon for a V2 that is more in the realm of reasonable. Not OP. Thanks!

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