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3/10/2016 7:09:17 PM

NEW Spider-Man! Thoughts and comments

Hopefully you have all seen the new Civil War trailer that features a short clip of Spiderman at the end. First I must say I am very excited to see Spiderman after all this waiting but when I initially saw it I was taken back. I thought the suit look too much like CGI and his voice was too high pitched. After a few hours I looked up some more high quality pictures of the suit and saw that it had a lot more detail then in the trailer itself, and after giving it much thought understand that Peter Parker is only 15 and in high school, so he should Not have a deep voice, but I still think he sounds a bit squeaky to me. I also like how he is on Tony Stark's side, which stays true to the comics. I would like too hear your thoughts and opinions and if you disagree or agree with me

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