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[PS4] Kings Fall Normal And Hard Raids For Newbies

Hey Guardians I'm all up for running new comers through Kings Fall Normal/Hard Raids I'm a very patient person will to teach you everything you need to know to become a successful raider, plus dont forget the loot. without loot example: weapons and armor its gonna be very hard to progress further into the game. If You are a new player and need a little bit of guidance i am here ready and waiting to show you the path that is needed to progress as a player. If you are interested in learning more add my Psn: Mattyrh92 and shoot me a message. I only have a few rules and they are as follows, * If you wanna learn you must listen * Be fair and polite to your fellow guardians * Give it your best effort, show your willing to learn and i will help as much as i can. Again If you would like to learn more Add my Psn : Mattyrh92 and shoot me a message. Cheers Guys/Gals

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