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[X1] [PS4]Trials of Osiris Dr Lupo Free Lighthouse Help March 4-7th 2016 Map (BURNING SHRINE AGAIN LAME). Tips Tricks, and free flawless runs here,

If you would like some assistance in trials (XBOX ONE/ PS4) comment on how far you have been and i will bump to make sure you have access to the page later for links to stream! PS3 and Xbox 360 leave a comment (include your console) and i will send you a link for a place that can help you! [u][b]********Where to Find Us********[/b][/u] Come watch and learn as Drlupo go over his strategies while taking players to the lighthouse with them. Feel free to ask as many as questions as you want in chat. Stream 1: (90% win rate Trials) Or This Scrub: (85% Win rate Trials) [u][b]************HOW TO GET A RUN************ [/b][/u] 1.Jump into our twitch streams 2.Chat it up! Nightbot needs to know you are there so he can enter you in the draw! 3.Keep your fingers crossed to be chosen at random from the list of active viewers! That's all there is to it! ****If you chose to follow on twitch you can get notifications when we sign on to your email!**** [b][u]***************Schedule DrLupo*******************[/u][/b] Friday: PS4 Lighthouse Runs Sat: XB ONE Lighthouse runs Sun: XB ONE Lighthouse Runs Mon: 1V3 or 2v3 Cards then Lighthouse runs ****Zonntohn is random but will only be runs for XB ONE [u][b]***********MESSAGE FROM DR LUPO*************[/b][/u] Hey peoples - Haven't weighed in on this thread until today (looks like it's existed for quite some time), but I just wanted to be sure this was out there: We require zero from you in terms of payment, following, donation, fee, etc etc . We do this because it's fun. We are playing a game together, and that is enough. We ask that people come in with a willingness to learn and listen, as well as give us their own insights and knowledge. You have the ability to teach us just as much as we have the ability to teach you. If anyone has any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to voice them. It doesn't mean we have to reply, but at least you know you've gotten it out there for us to see. And don't forget, it's just a game. Treat it that way.

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