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12/14/2015 4:46:03 PM

Idea for new sniper exotic

So i was thinking of a cool new idea for an exotic sniper. I don't have a name for it or a quote but if anyone wants to give some ideas that would be awesome! So the sniper has only one bullet in the chamber and the two main perks help out with that. The first one is if you miss your shot the reload is very fast. The second main perk has two parts to it. You have a one fourth chance of when you aim in at an enemy in pve or pvp that it will scope right on there head. The second part is a precision kill will put another round in the magazine from your reserves. I think this would be a very fun weapon for pvp especially trials but it won't have much use in pve except for just messing around with it. Tell me what you guys think of the gun!

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