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2/24/2016 5:43:22 PM

The world black and white

In a world where everything made more sense People like to stereotype members of the other party. But the truth is the political parties are like churros. Twisted and mixed. Democrats are supposed to be pro gov, while republicans are seen as pro Christian/less government yes? So this is how it should be in that case.... -republicans don't want a stronger military. Defense only. Increasing military and presence worldwide is too much government -Christian republicans support the side that offer social services. They are the more socialized party -Christians support immigration because "love thy neighbor" -Christian republicans support the party that reduce guns. -democrats (pro gov) support FBI access into phones. -democrats support the patriot act. -republicans plan to pardon some crimes -democrats support stronger border control -republicans are for the people -democrats support big business -republicans demand to know what's in their food -republicans represent the minorities -democrats support the cops on every issue -democrats against legalization of drugs -republicans support the constitution on every issue As you can see, based on modern stereotype these things don't apply. Republicans aren't anti gov/Christ representation on every issue. Democrats aren't pro gov on every issue. If you are a cookie cutter democrat or republican, you are part of the problem. Very few should be able to support their party on every issue. Now stop saying "all liberals are ____" , "all repubs are____". If you don't like someone's view argue with their point and don't go off tangent about a general party belief. The parties are mixed in ideology if we look at every single case. (Please put a [u]8[/u]in your reply so I know you actually read. I don't reply to those lacking education) A party chooses one side of an issue and the other side takes the opposing stance, even if against ideology.

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