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The final round......the deciding play.........and then this....arghhhhhhhhhhhhh. I walk in and blast the titan in the face but no damage, confused i throw a knife in desperation, why didn't I reload first, and why didn't the titan take damage, then wait, my bullets finally take effect on the titan, i make the revive and the titan runs behind a pillar, I shot as he tries to leg it out of cover, he blast away my team mate...but then....drops the time it took for the damage to register on the titan, the titan was able to finish of my revived team shot to oblivion and left wondering how things could of turned out without that crazy damage delay. the dude was red bar, his fault or not we should of not be paired up to play each other if our connection were a mis match..........and we cant back out once paired even though we can see the player we are about to play against is red bar or it would be a loss

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