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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
2/18/2016 3:58:38 AM

Things Year 2 Needs

T4R: 1.) [b]Theater Mode[/b] - To be able to view those awesome kills or to complain/view the lag 2.) [b]Custom Games[/b] - Halo reference and what we all want 3.) [b]No more nerfs[/b] - So many weapons, so little use 4.) [b]Year 1 items[/b] - Collecting items made worthwhile 5.) [b]Bigger/better vault space[/b] - Refer to number 4 6.) [b]A reason for Glimmer [/b]- been maxed out for almost 4 months The list goes on and on. What are your thoughts?

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