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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
2/12/2016 6:15:52 AM

Today I Realized Something....I'm Done

After this week's event, today's update and the more than ever awful lag in the crucible I realized that I am done with Destiny. I'm just done. After all the hours. And all the nights. All the raids. All the time with friends. All the pvp matches. The all night Trials passages. Grinding. Everything. I have enjoyed so many experiences in Destiny. But ... I'm done. I've spent many many hours on this very forum talking with everyone about this game, and other things. You could say I'm a little sentimental about the whole thing. This is the first mmo I've ever been a part of. The very first game, in fact, that I have ever played with others. Can you believe that? And I love it. I've made real friends. But I can't continue with this current state of Destiny. They will not change this game. They make it worse all the time and we complain about it over and over again. They lie, cheat, and manipulate everyone through miscommunication. They take our money and can't deliver a product in time for us to enjoy it. They implement new things and test them on us, only to enrage us with the issues the systems generate. I am tired of being the hamster in the wheel. Chasing rep and exotics that mean absolutely nothing other than to look cool. Because that's all this game has turned into. A sugary shell on top of a horribly rotten piece of garbage. I'll try and play here and there to help friends until the Division comes out, but I'm just done.
#Destiny #leaving

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