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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
2/12/2016 1:09:37 AM

Destiny is Dying

Destiny is dying. Too little content in a large space of time (story, locations, unique items), no real replay-ability or value - especially the grind for gear that's worth a damn, costs for any real content (even with gained income through emotes), and the list goes on... I had high hopes for this game. The Taken King and it's partnered update were a huge step in the right direction, but they still lacked any real replay value and worth to the gear you're pointlessly grinding for. The game still has so, so much potential; the gameplay mechanics are too notch, and servers have continually improved, but unless efforts are made, this "10 year project" will be an utter failure. The community has already shrank, and I don't plan on shoveling out more money or TIME without being convinced otherwise with content that's worth a damn. Hope you're listening Bungie. You leave a bitter taste, bring back the pride to your name.

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