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2/6/2016 7:45:04 PM

PvP Match History for more than 25 games

To whom it may concern, I am building a destiny pvp metric site for my senior project in CS, and one of the main goals of the site is to get the game history for a character and display stats associated with their performance. So far I am using the "" URI along with the query string "?mode={mode}" appended onto the URI for recent matches. The call goes through and I get back a JSON object that gives me the most recent 25 games. My question is this, can we query for more than 25 games at a time? Is that limit hard (we can never get more than 25 at a time) or soft (we can change how we query to get X amount of recent games) ? How do I get more games back? Any help from you guys would be appreciated! I know that the DTR and guardian gg devs have figured away around this 25 game limitation. Anyway, thank you in advance! Dieter

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