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1/28/2016 5:30:08 PM

Destination screen goes blank, unerring compass error

Whenever I go to the Destination screen (the solar system map), it will randomly be a blank screen, with only the yellow circular cursor visible. I can move the cursor around like normal, but there is nothing there--the screen is black. Nothing will fix this except closing the game entirely and then restarting it, which is really getting annoying. This is not the gaming experience we were promised. Also, do you enjoy irony? I hope so, because the avatar, or clipart, whatever you call it, for my Unerring Compass artifact is just a blank purple square. It's been like this ever since I first got it weeks ago. I kept assuming the next patch or update would fix it, but 2 or 3 updates have occured and the problem still hasn't been addressed. Does it stop me from playing? No. But it does give the impression of a game that's being overseen and managed by an unattentive team, or a game that's been abandoned by its creators. I couldn't make this stuff up. If someone at Bungie would be kind enough to look into these issues I would be grateful.

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