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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (SPIDRBITE): 2/12/2016 11:02:20 PM

"Harold Ryan steps off his position as CEO" (quit more like fired)

Yes! guys this is good! Harold Ryan was a dick! he didnt give a shit of the original bungie roots just money! HE WAS THE ONE WHO SUGGESTED FIRING and FIRED OUR BELOVED [b][u][i]MARTY O'DONNEL[/i][/u][/b] THIS IS A VICTORY! Just like the last CEO of Xbox was dumb af and wanted TV, TV and more TV and kinect, and MONEY ONLY this new one is all GAMES GAMES GAMES! the new CEO is better the old one only cared for MONEY from DLC and Microtransactions! remember Marty remember Joe Staten remember the few the originals, the ones with heart [b]GET TO KNOW PETE PARSONS! The New CEO! click the link below[/b] [url=]Pete Parsons[/url]

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