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10/16/2015 5:05:52 AM

Squeaker Stories

A quick story of a squeaker. So me and my friend were forming a Kings Fall fire team and after around 10 minutes we finally get a response from an LFG post. So I invite this guy and he's at 295 light, not so bad right? Well then he started talking in your typical squeaker voice, which obviously made me uneasy but I've dealt with squeakers before and this kid is a pretty high level. The kid precedes to tell me he's never completed the raid before, which is fine because I am more than willing to guide people as long as they listen. But then it all started to fall apart. Strike 1: He said that he'd only gotten to Golgoroth and never got passed it, however it's not because his team couldn't physically beat it it's because he "gets kicked from every team" while this made me uneasy, some people can be immediately biased towards younger kids and kick them for no reason, so I went on until...... Strike 2: One of my friends had the Black Spindle equipped and we were minding our own business talking about it when this kid asks in a really loud voice " WOA DID YOU GET THAT FROM THE NIGHTFALL?" Now I was really starting to worry because if this kid didn't know that you could only get this gun from a mission, he sure couldn't figure out a raid. Strike 3: I was still willing to deal with him as no one else had joined. However this was the last straw. He tells me he has a friend who also hasn't completed the raid before. I ask him what his friend's gear is and tells me that his dad plays too so he's around 290. I was just about to agree until the kid added this one detail. :[b]The guy he is going to invite is 7 friggin years old[/b] this kid was about to invite a damn 7 year old to do the raid. Well, that was It for dealing with him so he was booted and we dodged a huge bullet. 3 strikes and you're out. Kiddo. It'd be interesting to hear some other squeaker stories because this was only the third Real bad squeaker encounter I've had

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