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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (RoseScythe): 1/22/2016 5:47:02 AM

So.. Just raided with a squeaker.

Joined an LFG team for the Oryx CP. Nothing out of the ordinary upon joining the chat. Mature voices, everyone sounding pretty chilled. Always a good sign. Upon arriving in the arena, the host tells me we're just waiting for our relic runner, who went AFK right before I joined. He's a 311 Titan, but the host assured me he was a decent runner. We were running the 8 and 8 strat, and I was to take plate one. That's when I hear it. Distant, but still clearly audible. "[i]Mom! I'll do it after![/i]" The shrill, obnoxious voice grows in volume as the foul beast gets closer to its mic. "[i]No! I said I'll do it after![/i]". A loud scratching sound emanates through the chat as the squeaker's sticky fingers fumble with the headset. "[i]K guys, I'm back! My Mom said I gotta go soon! So we have to kill Owyx fast! K?[/i]". My hearts sinks, but I decide to stick it out. After clearing the initial adds, I notice our prepubescent 311 Titan browsing his inventory. Oryx slams the front left plate. "[i]K guys! I'm changing to the Twilight Gawwison! Just so I can get to the welic faster![/i]". I hear another fireteam member snicker. The squeaker and I leap to the first plate. "One's up". It jumps to the first interdimensional platform, activates the exotic chestpiece's evade, gets propelled clear over the boundary wall and falls screaming into the abyss.. *Guardian Down* "[i]OMG! What the hell! Someone got off their pwate![/i]" [b]RoseScythe has left the Fireteam[/b] Is edit: Just felt like sharing a tale with you fellow guardians. A tale of hard choices. Of paths taken. I hope you all enjoyed it. Cheers :) Knight is run.

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