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Изменено (FlapjacksNsyrup): 12/29/2015 3:59:44 AM

Black Ops 3 missed so many opportunities; spoiled so much potential...

Let me get this out of the way first: Black Ops 3 [b]looked good[/b] and had an interesting concept. My girlfriend bought it for me and I decided to give it a go. I've played every CoD up through Ghosts. I was absolutely disgusted with Ghosts and sold it back to GameStop a week after purchasing it (I should have just returned it and said it was defective; I got pennies on the dollar). I passed on Advanced Warfare after how bad Ghosts was. Now I figured Black Ops 1 and 2 were okay so I'd maybe give 3 a try. It definitely sounded fun; augmentation and such. It had a Deus Ex vibe to it. Turned out to be nothing like it should've been (And I saw this coming). What happens in the Campaign: You start as a normal human, get completely ripped apart on a mission, and your limbs get replaced with augmentations and robotic limbs. You become a robotic super soldier. What should have happened: You start as a normal human, decide to get augmentations slowly throughout the story. Choose your augmentations. Work your way to becoming a super soldier. [i]But for the sake of the story and level design, certain things need to happen at certain times. You need certain abilities to get through levels, etc.[/i] Okay fine. Then what about Multiplayer? How about we have you create a soldier from a few simple options such as gender, overall facial structure, hair color/style, etc. Then as you level up, you can spend points on new augmentations to give you various advantages such as sprinting faster, jumping higher, wall-running, flinch less, etc. etc... Instead, somebody decided everyone should play as one of about 10 different "heroes" or "operatives" or whatever they call them and they all have cheesy call signs. All the cool aesthetic gear you unlock can only be used with the appropriate character. Why would I want to play as some character with 4 other of the same character running around the map with me? All in all, Call of Duty continues to -blam!- up year after year. If it's not multiplayer gameplay, it's somewhere else. Gameplay is interesting with the thrusters and enhanced mobility but CoD has proven they don't know what they're doing when it comes to sci-fi. They need to get back to their roots. [spoiler]My conclusion: Call of Duty is now [b]made[/b] for 12 year olds who think they're cool because they play M rated games and keeps the M rating for that very reason and to boost sales with adults.[/spoiler] Edit: Apparently very few here have ever heard of the term 'opinion'. And if you actually read, which I realize some of you didn't, I'm not ripping on gameplay itself. I'm saying they missed out on an opportunity to have a new and unique progression system. Gameplay itself is [b]fun[/b]. [spoiler]You guys realize I'm basically just calling perks "augmentations", right? They'd serve the exact same function. I merely suggested re naming perks to augmentations and giving each perk/aug a different visual representation such as a robotic arm or robotic legs as well as allowing you to customize the look of your character and everyone is losing their minds.[/spoiler]

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