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A couple ideas for exotic swords

Just had a couple thoughts for some exotic swords. Feel free to add to them or lust your own below. The Jolly Roger A pirate themed saber that does not block like the other swords, but has a faster attack speed. Body text could read "no better drink on the seven seas than the blood of your enemies" Exotic perk: "A pirates life". kills with the weapon have a chance to return health and increase the damage of the weapon for a short time. Kinetic damage From the hilt of the weapons hangs a forgotten and torn banner of the fallen. Excalibur A medieval looking weapon, with ornate designs on it similar to the iron banner. In the center, close to the hilt, are three shards. Each shard represents one of the elements "The darkness converges on us like stone walls. But even stone can be broken"-Shaxx Exotic perk: "sword in the stone". This weapon does bonus damage to enemies with shields. Killing an enemy with a shield will transfuse that element into the weapon. I'd like this to be a quest from Shaxx as he loves swords, and seems to have an unspoken affinity for the european dead zone. Thoughts? Edit: forgot to mention the Excalibur sword is also a kinetic sword, and it can block as well.

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