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12/16/2015 10:07:13 PM

PS3 18+ Mature Clan Recruiting

[url=]Assonant Soldiers II[/url] is a ps3 clan looking for new members. This is clan an extension of Assonant Soldiers so don’t be discourage by the lack of members. We have members from all around the world so we are constantly active. There are plenty of members to help you wherever you need it, just ask and someone will come around to help you. Assonant Soldiers II is a part of the Army of Prose Alliance. Benefits of our clan: -GroupMe: Within the clan we use an app called GroupMe to keep a constant chat going with all our members from both Assonant Soldiers and Assonant Soldiers II in the same chat room. The app is free and available to download on all devices including PCs and tablets. This chat makes it easier to communicate with each other online and offline. Once we get raid groups together there will be separate rooms for each raid team. Keep in mind that if you are planning to become a clan member it is a requirement to have downloaded and be in our clan chat group. Our clan members have a specific format that we follow for names, “First name (psn)”. This makes it easier to add members and identifying each other. The groupme chat is pretty much always active so be prepared for that. The clan chat is for clan members only and we use this chat to help each other out, to chat about anything, and to ask/ answer any questions that someone may have. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions even if they seem like dumb questions, more than likely someone has an answer and if not they will help you figure it out. -Weekly Raid Teams: We plan to put together weekly raid teams that fit everyone’s availability to run the raid. Rosters are kept with each raid team and there will be a raid captain for each raid team. The raid captains are in charge of setting up a schedule for the raid that works with everyone’s availability within the team. - [url=]Destiny Clan Wars[/url]: This is a website that runs activities where any clan tagged members can participate in and score points for their clan. Every member gets the chance to push the clan name to the top of the ranking list. It’s not a requirement it’s just something to make the game more interesting and give members something to do while they are online. Once you have your clan tag you are automatically added to the clan roster at the beginning of the next event. The event details will be laid out in the groupme chat calendar for everyone to see. -Active Admins: There are active admins that help keep the clan organized and put together clan raids and any other activities. If you want to help grow this group, and later on be part of the clan, please do sign up now. Clan membership will be limited to over 18s, anyone under 18 can still sign up to the group, the groupme chat and join the raid team's, but will need to sign up to the under 18s group for a clan tag, that group is called Illiterate Soldiers. Clans in the Army of Prose Alliance Alliterate Soldiers & Alliterate Soldiers II (PS4 18+) Assonant Soldiers & Assonant Soldiers II (PS3 18+) Illiterate Soldiers (PS3 & PS4 Under 18) Soldiers of 7ight (XB1 18+) Haiku Samurai (XB360 18+) Heterophonic Soldiers (XB1 & XB360 Under 18) Groups in the Army of Prose Alliance (No Clan Membership) The Army Of Prose (Open to Anyone to join as a group member) The Army Of Admin Prose (Open to Admins on invite only)

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