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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
1/8/2016 10:36:59 PM

Crota's End chalice of light hilarious game

Just yesterday me and two friends decided to kill crota, and for no discernible reason three of our other friends casually joined throughout, however that's not what I wanted to talk about. At the end we had a full fireteam of six and because it was normal mode we still had the chalice, so I made up a game with the chalice where basically you chase around the person with chalice trying to steal it off them - basically a game of possession - and everyone agreed that was more fun than the actual raid itself, we had such a great time. Then I got thinking, this could be a light-hearted pvp game mode for people who just wanted a break from strikes, raids, missions, crucible, etc.. I don't mean we should go through the whole raid just to do it, I mean bungie should implement it in as a crucible game, where you are matchmade with six people, and will land on various maps that require parkour. This would be amazing, please do this Bungie.

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