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I have an idea for year two VoG and Crota's end...

I, like many other people, want Crota's end and VoG in year Two. I have a couple of ideas on how to make it fresh; 1. Make everything Taken. Make all the enemies you fight be Taken enemies, even bosses. Maybe add a Taken twist. 2. Reskin all of the weapons to make them look Taken. Imagine having a Taken Fatebringer or Taken Black Hammer! 3. Make the weapons have different mod rolls. Similar to King's Fall, have the first perk and the middle column stay exactly the same as year One. However, make the second perk completely random. 3. Make the activity a 300 light activity and have everything drop at 310. Most people really enjoyed these raids, and the mechanics behind them. Why waste that awesome experience? Tell Bungiw to bring these raids back. If you agree with year Two VoG and Crota's End, make sure Deej, Cosmo, and everyone else sees this. Make it go public!

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