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12/16/2015 9:21:41 PM

These 2 things can revolutionize this game. (Jobs, Market) (year 3 material)

Destiny, you are addicting as hell. An 8/10 for new gamers coming into the franchise, and a 6/10 for experienced gamers with nothing to do other then the daily and weekly goals, (bounties, 3 strikes, nightfall, dailies). Using other games that i have spent many hours playing you need to have more options with resources. Farming them just for gun upgrades seems like a waste. 1. Jobs, these encouraged friendship among players who needed to befriend others and use certain resources to build cool things like mounts, each person would only be able to have 1 or 2 jobs on their account(not per guardian) Example jobs which would be cool, Engineer builds sparrows and can add sparrow upgrades and change aspects of spaceships Gunsmith and can change 1 stat per gun/ perk Armorer Similar to gunsmith changing 1 stat per armour/ or perk Explorer builds temperary boosts like ammo packs and glimmer farm items Enchanter Changes camo of gun, adds sparkly animated things to guns Officer can assign bounties, gets resources from ultras that can be used for the other jobs 2 Add an economy, relating to the last point player interaction increases fun factor wanting to have a diversified friends list forcing interaction with gamers to have fun together is what destiny set out to do. In fact when first advertising the game they stated we could bet armor and gamble on different things. Even trade items between players. Have a market with a separate money, which players earn by playing with clan mates or selling items in the market NOTE if destiny is afraid of a market, just dont allow weapon or Armor sales. But instead resources and items built from jobs. Make competition among friends by adding a start of strike gambling, who does most damage to boss wins glimmer pot Have Clan matches a game type that lets clans colonize their own base and defend it from other clans. Can use the money earned from the market and playing with clan mates to do upgrades to their home world (House building but with a clan crucible mix) I spend countless hours in destiny (mainly a PVE) but it seems like these worlds are barren with the only thing to do is shoot baddies in the face, or go to the tower. With the only reason for patroll is to Resources that piss people off because they feel they are wasting time. I feel that if we give players more things to do in a day, after they finish their daily/weely items, it will have a great positive feedback in the community.
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