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12/16/2015 1:05:41 PM

How to mute my microphone? (Headset)

I'm kinda new to Destiny, so i turn to the community for this question. I have browsed the internet about this for some days now and i've found "related" threads thats not really been much of help towards my problem. I got two questions, first is about the mic problem i got, second is about the voice channel chat in Destiny. [b]1.[/b] My problem is regarding my microphone for my PS4. I'm using [b]Turtle Beach PX22 headset[/b] and I connect it directly to the PS4 controller. The issue here is that since i connect it to my controller i also have [b]no[/b] "mute mic" option for it, since that is on my amplifier. I could use the amplifier but by using the amplifier, and connect the headset right into the amplifier that is connected to the PS4 then i've noticed that [b][u]the sound of the PS4 and Destiny is stuttering/lagging, it can be silent while shooting for some seconds then come back randomly then it's gone again[/u][/b] - something i find very annoying and ruining the game experience. And to avoid that problem i plug it into my controller. Is there a way to mute it so none can hear me while i'm in the Crucible or a Strike? Some PS4 setting i'm not aware about for example? Workaround? [b]- I've tried to lower my volume in the PS4 Device settings of my microphone, but that does not mute me, i can still see that my microphone picks up my voice/phone from time to time. - As i mentioned above, using the PX22's Amplifier is not really an option unless someone knows a workaround for it, the past months (literary every time i've been on the PS4 since i got them i've been trying to fix this without success, they worked fine on PC so from my judgement they are not broken.) by changing audio options in settings and everything. - There is no mute option on the headset itself. [/b] [b]2.[/b] About the "Team Voice Chat" when i'm in the crucible, i've noticed i can press left or right on my D-Pad to join a team voice chat, i have not tried it but my guess is as simple that i join a channel for people who want to teamwork and communicate while pvping, no big deal. However, if i remain OUTSIDE (not joining the voice chat simply) of the team voice chat as in the standard one you are being placed in as you start a Crucible if you got the default option, will people still be able to hear me due to my sensitive microphone? Or in order for people to hear me i got be in team voice chat (which would make sense that only the people in that channel will be hearing each other)? Thanks in advance for taking time to read and hopefully answer my questions, i know for myself how annoying it is to listen to people who has voice activation + sensitive microphone + background noice without muting their microphones - would like to avoid being one myself but without sacrificing the headset/buying new headset.

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