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Lag Switch Vs Bad Connection

[quote]EDIT: I'd like to also point out that sometimes Destinys servers also are rather slow and poor. So sometimes it's not even someones fault if they have a bad connection if the server is being slow, there have been times when both teams or all the players are red bar and lagging everywhere. So what about then? As well... a friend pointed out that being a red bar also benefits you as you are able to get all these kills... not once has being a red bar ever helped me when my internet goes to hell and back, infact it always hinders me.[/quote] Hey look another one, I just love making these don't I? So I bring up the question Lag Switch Vs A Bad Connection, here is why I bring this up: A buddy of mine regularly plays PvP, and sometimes I join him (I don't like to sometimes cause he gets really loud and angry a lot at the lag...) Which brings up the point that he brought up that they are Lag Switching. Honestly until Destiny... I wasn't a big PvP player... I lived out in the middle of no where for most of my life with dial up speed connections cause the mountains and Internet don't mix. So... I asked him what Lag Switching is... and he told me it was people who mess with their router to interfere with the connection to the game so that they are behind slightly... and rack up a KD. I looked up online how to do it... seems to be a good number of ways how. However I then thought about my own crappy internet from when I was little... and how slow it was. Even now every so often my internet sucks and will make me lag in Destiny. (Roommate loves watching Netflix on her laptop.) So... what if it's not lag Switching? What if someone just has a shitty internet? Here is why I bring it up, as per Bungies rules: If someone is lag switching to win events, you are to report them, and Bungie staff will ban them. He reports players with bad connections in the blind chance that it is a lag switch. What if it's not though? What if they just have really shit connection to a potato for a router like myself sometimes, and then they are banned on false accusations? What do you think? Is it wrong to ban someone on the account they MIGHT be lag switching, and possibly hurting someone who just has really bad connections, or is it right just to be on the safe side to make PvP 'safer'? To put my own opinion out there... [quote]No, I don't think it's fair. Because it could very well be a bad connection and that their internet is to slow. They could have very well have done nothing wrong. But sure I'll admit, seeing lag makes me upset and rage... but in the end it's just a game. I'll put the game down, and head outside for a bit and enjoy my day rather then be over upset about some lag that happened. Not the end of the world.[/quote]

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