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12/6/2015 3:17:40 AM

Y1 Weapons that need Y2 versions

I've seen things like Party Crasher +1, Ash Factory, and so on... all with Year Two versions. I agree that many of the Year Two-Updated Legendary Weapons were definitely standouts that deserve newer versions, but so many other incredible weapons were left by the wayside. What happened to things like... Auto Rifles: Vanquisher VIII, Shadow Price, Silimar's Wrath. Scout Rifles: A.1F19X-RYL, Crusader I, High Road Soldier, Hand Cannons: Red Hand IX, The Devil You Know, Venator III Pulse Rifles: Strange Suspect, 55A-Allfate, Hopscotch Pilgrim Sniper Rifles: LDR-5001, Prudence II, Broken Truth LR1 Fusion Rifles: 77 Wizard, Purifier VII, Give/Take Equation Shotguns: Dry Rot 32, Hide and Seek-42, The Comedian Machine Guns: Prestige IV, Unending Deluge III, Zombie Apocalypse WF47 Rocket Launchers: Admonisher III, Steel Oracle Z-11, Wastelander V2V Yes, I know that some of you may not have used these a lot. Some of you might have used things exclusively from this list. Some of you might have used a few of these and think the rest are garbage. However, this is just an example list. In any case, I think more Year One weapons should have been given a chance, much like Ash Factory, Party Crasher +1, and so on. I did not list raid weapons because most players are already asking and sometimes making outright demands for Year Two Raid rewards like Fatebringer and Praedyth's Revenge. There are many Year 1 weapons that are still commonly-used in Crucible, thanks to level and light not being a factor... but those Year 1 weapons are useless in High Tier PvE such as Raids, Heroic Strikes, and the Dreadnaught. They are similarly useless in Level-Sensitive PvP such as Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner. This is in spite of the fact that the weapons themselves are phenomenal when used properly and would benefit tremendously from increased Light Levels for Year 2. In House of Wolves, we were given the ability to Ascend Vanilla Destiny and Dark Below weapons to the new Maximum Light level... so why can we not simply infuse the older weapons and get them to the point where they are competitive once more? While @Bungie has definitely started listening to the community to some degree, there are still many among us who have held onto older weapons like these with the faint hope that they will be updated or given the ability to be Infused for Year 2... to no avail. I know I am not the only one wanting some of these classic workhorse weapons to be given a chance to shine once again, and I know that if we all band together and bring this to the attention of Bungie that the chances of something being done to bring out favorite bullet-throwers back into the spotlight. Of course, that will only happen if enough people want it. So what do you say, everyone? Let's let Bungie know we miss our old friends and want them back for Year 2.

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