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12/4/2015 3:22:48 AM

How many community service hours have you done?

No hours


<1 hour


1-11 hours


12-24 hours


25-50 hours


>50 hours


I've at least donated


Before you choose, consider the following: - When I talk about community service, I mean serving the least fortunate in our society - By least fortunate, I'm going to refer to the poor, the elderly, the sick (diseases), and the physically (or mentally) handicapped - Service will count as activities where you're physically present in the eyes of the least fortunate (soup kitchens, retirement homes, etc...) - It will also count as activities where your intention is to help the least fortunate, but you're not face-to-face with them (food banks, fundraiser events for research on a disease, etc...) - Things like refereeing a kids' soccer game where the kids are well off and actually paid to play in the league, or volunteering at an animal shelter, don't count as service (you can figure out what is and isn't service) Remember, the most valuable thing you can give to others is your time. Time is something you will never get back, and using it to help others will lead to a fulfilling life in the long run. I myself have around 70 hours, and I wished I've done more in my past. But, I'm still young and have plenty of hours to give...unless I die tomorrow...

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