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12/4/2015 12:00:28 AM


Hey everybody, I'm here looking all the new comers to Destiny: The Taken King. I currently have 3 characters that are over 315 light. I am a recent college graduate and an Admin in my clan. I am looking to not only help out an up and coming guardian, but I am also hoping to give them a support system. I am on most every evening from around 6 p.m. until late in the Eastern Timezone of the United States. I will also help out with a referral into the clan I'm in. As a clan we are currently building a streaming group in order to help each other out. We recognize that some people have some strengths that others do not and strive to help each other out. We are a fun and easy going community. We are willing to help all. Feel free to private message me if you have any interest in joining our clan or in taking me up on the Refer-a-Friend offer. I've helped numerous people complete all sorts of odd and difficult tasks and I will continue to do so. That is what makes this such a strong community. Stay strong.

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