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Изменено (Mariogoogoo): 11/29/2015 5:08:55 PM

Who actually did Moments of Triumph? [IMPROVED!]

I actually only had to do 6 more public events when it came out (which I did). So did anyone else accomplish the feats? Edit 1: It seems most haven't done the chests or Skolas. That's COMPLETELY understandable. I'm just happy it wasn't required to beat lvl 34 Quodron. Edit 2: Whoa, went raiding and came back to over 200 replies! Edit 3: We hit 300 guys!!! I know not everyone here's done it but at least 300 is still a lot! Edit 4: We're trending! [b]New topic: Come up with the easiest/hardest/fun-est Moment of Triumph[/b]

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