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11/28/2015 10:19:14 PM

Imbalance between Year Two and Year One players in Legacy Crucible

Dear Bungie Scions of Loki, 1) Perhaps it has escaped your notice, but there is an large imbalance between Year Two players and Year One players in the Legacy Crucible. 2) When the teams are composed - even if composed randomly it often can happen that the level 40 players end up grouped together on one team. This team is more likely to win due to built in advantages. 3) Though the basic Crucible is supposed to be an even playing field with level advantages neutralized, this does not seem to take into account the ability ratings. 4) It's pretty common for level 40 players to group up and play the Legacy Crucible. This - either because they're looking for easy wins or they just aren't competitive enough against other level 40 players in the Year Two playlists. 5) Better yet would be to create a separate playlists for Year One players only since Year One players can't play ANY of the new expansion. 6) With the new "Light Attack / Defense" value system in place, I have doubts about the claim of a level playing field given the differences between the two groups of players. * To clarify, I refer to Year One players as those who have all the expansions prior to the Taken King. * Year Two players are those who have purchased the Taken King expansion.

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