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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (TheMasterDB8er): 11/28/2015 5:45:18 PM

The worst part about Destiny, is the community.

That's all. Just saying that the game isn't bad at all. Just the assholes complaining about everything, the elitist LFG sites, and the lack of custom games is what's bad. Also, destiny was so overhyped before and during the beta, that unless bungievision was to postpone for a few more months, then the game was bound to disappoint. This game has amazing potential, possibly more than any other, but the community must stop only concentrating on the bad, and more on what makes the game unique. If i could add my own modifiers to missions or to a custom pvp game, then i would never play anything but destiny. I have noticed however, that crucible has become alot more difficult. This is probably due to the current pulse/sniper meta, making death from long range a constant, so you barely have tine to react anymore. Also with the new subclasses, old tactics and strategies are now required to adapt and be used with more haste, and caution. TL;DR. Destiny is more than what the forums make it out to be. If we could concentrate more on recommendations, and positive feedback instead of the negative, then destiny, and it's fanbase will be better off. Also, it is [i]FAR[/i] from dead. Anybody who thinks it's dead just wants attention. I always have at least 2 people on my friends list playing destiny.

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