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New guardians incoming?

This topic was made for new players and veteran to come together and hopefully help each other out. Hopefully its not jst for the refer a friend quest but thoughout the entire game. Let's strengthen bonds with new players and old.....Now get out there this war ain't going to win itself! PS4-ZeroHelku Alpha/Beta destiny player Played pretty much everything the game has to offer all the way up to the Taken King. I seen the wrong and the right's of this game. If new player's need help for the base game itself to dlc quest or refer a friend i'll be happy to help or even answer any questions you have about what's good and bad about Destiny. Please send a message to my account about what you need and i'll help the best i can. Also here's the refer a friend code if any new player's are interested i myself am very curious. But of course the best advice i can give is somethings is better to figure out on your own. Hand's on is always better in my own opinion but talking and playing is jusy as good. Send me a friend request or party invite.

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