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11/18/2015 9:26:45 PM

KF 360 5 spots weekends (What I see in most threads)

Xbox One KF/ NF finder PS4 KF/NF finder. That's the only thing I see in some topics I'm probably not going to play Destiny that much after I get Battlefront, or a new play set piece, because all people do is raids. Mostly on next - gen consoles. I never did full Normal KF OR CE, because of time, and light level, and now everyone focuses on Hard Mode and 300+ light, and you can only go to 296 light without raiding. So anyone, please, I want to do KF on 360. Okay? Bye [quote]character level[/quote] Doing Kings Fall normal Fresh or Oryx 5 spots Need mix of experienced and inexperienced players 293+ light Msg dodgeordare for inv Xbox 360 Add me, I'll be doing it on the weekends (TIME) NO RAGERS. ONLY FRIENDLY PEOPLE

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