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11/12/2015 8:42:55 PM

Anyone in need of a full time job? South Florida

Hey you guys, the company I work for, could use some help filling some open positions. Company name: Quest Diagnsostics Region: South Florida Position: Route Service Representative (you basically drive around and pick up medical samples) Obviously posting this is basically a shot in the dark, but if you or someone you know could use a job, and ACTUAL JOB, you might as well apply. You've got nothing to lose. Experience in a similar job such as delivery driver, and other jobs that involves driving around helps, but like I said, you might as well apply. Especially if you got bills to pay and a family to support. I can't really say how much the starting pay is, because that depends on your qualifications. But I can say that the benefits offered to you are pretty good. TL:DR apply for a job at Look for open positions with the words Route service representative Apply Hope you get a job If the driving type job doesn't interest you, there's other positions out there I'm sure of it Moderator edit: don't be the bad guy here, some people do need steady income to support their livelihood and their families.

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