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Upgraded to Xbox One, now what?

So I recently purchased an Xbox One, and my wallet has taken a severe beating. After the console, a controller, just one game, and the cash back from a multitude of trade-ins, I have just enough "fun money" left to buy The Taken King Collector's edition bundle on Xbox One. The question is, do I have to? I purchased the original game for the 360 on disc, and I got the expansion pass as well. I know the expansion pass will transfer, but would the base game be possible to transfer as well? If it is, that means I could save about $20, which is something I'd very much like to do. The alternative is that instead of buying the base game and upgrading it separately (which would run me about $80 minimum, and $100 if I have to re-purchase the collector's items), I would just purchase the TTK Collector's edition on Xbox One (which would cost me about $80), or, alternatively, wait a few weeks until December, when I would have the money freed up to buy the whole thing again. I've tried asking this multiple times, so if someone could actually help me get an answer this time that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help, -Z

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