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11/8/2015 4:47:48 AM

Destiny community = AIDS

Sorry to bunch everyone in this, i've met some top notch people playing Destiny, so dont assume i'm talking about everyone. But holy shit. I've played a lot of online multiplayer games in my time; from WoW to LoL, old school Counterstrike 1.6, Call of Duty, Battlefield even Runescape back when I was a youngster. Never have I seen a more whiny group of wankers than in this game/forums. Noone seems to have the cognitive ability to work around strong aspects of a class or gun. Bladedancer too op! Nerf pls. Thorn too op! Nerf pls. Shotguns too op! Nerf pls. Sunbreakers too op! Nerf pls. How about you come up with a way to counter these things instead of whining about it? Bungie puts hours and hours into designing these things, but just because you are too subpar of a player to counter it, you demand nerfs. Its ridiculous! I personally have had no issues with any of the weapons or classes at all, not including when morons would exploit super glitches. Sure I have a lot of shotgun kills, so what? Its in the game, my playstyle of being aggressive and in your face demands a shotgun, why does this bother you so much? I can use a sniper just fine, i would rather use a shotgun, why should i be chastised over this? Is it my fault that you couldn't check your radar and prepare accordingly? I'm bored at work, check the forums to see nothing but 'Nerf this'. How about you stop sucking, and play around these things, instead of whining about it on the forums? If its deemed too strong, Bungie will act upon it. Pvp has already turned into a watered down shell of what it used to be because of you. Much love, Slothybabe.
#sigh #morons

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