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Изменено (The First Son): 11/4/2015 3:04:36 PM

Are Guardians all right in the head or even fully alive?

It's a dumb question but... I've been thinking how Guardians do not show any signs of PTSD or anything? I mean they have killed countless enemies and they have died over and over again and they merely shake it off like nothing happened. I know that Guardians are superb soldiers who were brought back from the dead to fight against The Darkness. Is it possible that Guardians are something like zombies except sentient? (Well technically they are zombies) Could that be the reason why I think Guardians seem so... Emotionless despite the horror they go through daily? All they do is kill, kill and kill then die, then resurrect and then kill the creature who killed them. Ps. English is not my first language so I apologize for any possible typos.

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