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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (Da Dookie Butt): 10/30/2014 3:27:48 PM

WTF Exclusive DLC now?

As frustrating as it is for xbox users not having any exclusive content found on Playstation (extra pvp map, extra strike, extra exotics) and also all the PS4 events like the the ninja bounty, it must be really frustrating for all the creative people at Bungie to have the execs get in the way of their creation. Now it was announced today that Playstation will be getting another exclusive strike with the new dlc (and I can only assume same will go with the House of Wolves dlc) increasing the number of strikes to 9. This sucks because xbox owners who have spent the same amount of money on destiny and the season pass only get 7 and strikes are a key point in the replayability of Destiny. Bungie messed up because of the deal with Playstation they are hurting their customers on xbox which will result in player drop off and thus not being able to sustain the number of players desired for their 10 year plan. I really like this game and I am an xbox one owner who is starting to feel the fatigue. With all the great options for games, I doubt i will be able to make it 1 full year to get the content that shouldn't have been taken away in the first place. PS4 exclusives only benefit Playstation (not Playstation owners) because its designed to get people who either don't have a system and are using this game as a justification to purchase a console or the people who have both to buy it for their system. Gamers lose because of all these deals (Xbox lost on Destiny but PS lost on Tomb Raider worse imo), Programmers/Artist/Writer lose because the things they worked hard on are purposely not distributed to everyone. Sony and Microsoft win because people are forced to choose. I wish the console wars were more about developing new exclusive ips (Gears, Last of Us) and not cutting content (Tiger Woods releasing 19 dlc courses for $50 same day the game came out) or timed releases (cod). As a side note, retailer exclusives need to stop too. I hope bungie is addressing this issue and coming up with ways to rectify the exclusivity mistake. A few suggestions I have are: - xbox events (along with ps events) - additional free weapons/ armor (diluting the benefits ps owners get) - additional free add on strikes or variants (different enemy placement would do wonders) - modified strike playlist (playlist should have special currency and maybe less weapon xp) ---- example: only green/purple ammo drops from enemies (rocket strike would be so fun) ---- example: weapon type buffs (scout riffle would be OP for the strike) - more venders that accept vanguard marks (maybe some that accept a third currency that you get from my modified strike playlist suggestion) - confirmation that after the contract is over ps and xbox will have the same content Please feel free to add on to my list and hopefully bungie will fix this so that we don't see this as common business practices in the future.

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