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My Destiny Fanfiction







Not to good






Chapter 1: Awake He woke up in a large white room. He tried to remember... Something. He wandered around to see the wall to the room. It looked like glass, which made the whiteness seem to go forever. He reached out and touched the wall. It felt cold and hard. It was like he was trapped in some chamber of glass, or vault- "Ouch!" his head seared with pain for a moment, then it quickly faded away. "A vault of glass?" again his head hurt, but less and it faded even faster. He remembered a few letters. A, R, and C. "Arc..." he murmured. The room faded to a light blue, like lightning. He remembered his name but... That's it. "Arcan," he said his name. The room now faded to a darker and darker blue, eventually it was black. Chapter 2: ResurREKT Arcan hurt all over. His left leg hurt the worst. He tried to open his eyes, but the sun was too bright. He lied there for a little bit, but knew he had to get up and move. He attempted to sit up, but instead he rolled over. "Great, now my face is in the dirt. Well it couldn't get worse I suppose," Arcan said to no one in particular. He waited for something worse to happen, as he figured that saying that would make everything worse. "Um... Do you need help?" a young boy's voice asked. Arcan grunted approval and he heard the little boy run off. I hope I didn't scare him away. "Daddy! This guy needs help," Arcan heard the boy say. "Hm... This is the third person today. Whatever, it my job to patrol the outskirts of the city and bring in whatever shows up. But three in one day! I better get a raise for this," the voice of a man said. He went to pick up Arcan who had now opened his eyes. The father and son that were helping him were blue! The man grabbed Arcan underneath his arms and began to drag him. Arcan's leg twinged with pain. "Klar, go get the medkit," the man told his son. The son ran off and then came back holding a box 3 minutes later. The man took out a syringe filled with purple liquid and injected it into Arcan's leg. Everything felt funny to Arcan. He felt himself being dragged somewhere, but he was so lucid he didn't really care. Eventually Arcan fell asleep. Chapter 3: Autumn Arcan woke up in a hospital bed with his leg in a cast. It throbbed a little bit, but other than that he felt fine. A android in white walked in. "Oh, your awake. You were unconscious for 3 hours and 13 minutes. You actually have a visitor," the man said. Arcan was confused. Why would anyone visit him? He didn't know anyone. The man, probably a doctor, exited the the room. A minute later a girl with blonde hair and a blue streak across her face, where her eyes were walked in. She wore cloth armor with some extra slack hanging off the back. The cloth was all varying colors of blue, and her boots looked black. Arcan couldn't make out what color her eyes were because of the blue streak. Across her back there was a weapon made of bone and metal combined. "So then you're the third part," she said to no one really. "Who are you? Where am I? What do you mean I'm the third part?" Arcan asked her. "The others were able to tell me something about me few know. So what do you know?" She asked Arcan. Arcan looked at her with a puzzled look. "Right. I told the others my name. My name is Autumn, but I go by Fall. People also know me as Glace," Fall told Arcan. Arcan head swelled with memories, but quickly fleeted away as he remembered. Some stayed and he spoke. "You're a Voidwalker, your primary weapon of choice is the Oversoul Edict or any other automatic pulse rifle, you use shotguns, and you're trying to use a heavy machine gun. You seem to be set up for PvP. Wait, how do I know this?" Arcan said. "Well, You got most of the info. Come with me, there are two others I want you to meet," Fall told him. Arcan was getting angry. She kept dodging the questions he asked. "First, I want you to answer a couple questions. Why don't I know anything? How do I know these things things about you?" Arcan said. "I'll answer your questions once you're with the others. Come on," Fall said, walking out. Arcan looked around and saw a pair of crutches next to him. He grabbed them and went after Fall. Please tell me what you think. I'll post a new chapter if a third of the replies are meh or better by tomorrow. Edit: Why does everyone always vote "stop"?

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