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10/28/2015 10:33:49 PM

Snowball Fight

Here is an idea I got for a fun Wintertime game type New crucible mode. Snowball fight. Make it snowy. 3rd person view. Sliding has insanely increased range. You automatically pack a small snow ball. Long range, low damage, high AA When a snow ball is packed, press Y/triangle to pack it bigger. Takes about 1 second to pack. Medium range, medium damage, good AA. Hold Y to pack it really big. Takes 2 seconds to pack. Short range, high damage, low AA. Can't pack a snowball when in midair. Melee charge, throws small wave of snow in front of you. Expends on use. Grenade charge, lobs a large snowball long distance. Supercharge, continously hurl medium snowballs, take less damage. Lasts 10 seconds.

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