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10/26/2015 2:10:02 PM

PS4 Weekend Only Players for Raids between 10am and 8pm GMT

Are you a [b]PS4 gamer[/b] who only gets on to play mainly at [b]weekends[/b], between [b]10am and 8pm GMT[/b] and are you looking to [u]have fun supporting and helping[/u] ([i]not carrying[/i]) players of all classes (around 280 - 300 light) as they work hard to make their way through Raids on Normal (and eventually Hard) mode? Then lets all get together and play! This isn't a new clan, you can stay loyal to your own, this is just like minded and [u]patient[/u] players who want to have fun and embrace the spirit of inclusion and determination that makes Destiny great!

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