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Rebalances for guns no longer needed?

Disagree, guns still need work


Mixed, I do and don't agree for reasons


Agree, the guns to the job they were meant to


So its been a year of many unique weapons and weapon types and as the year went on guns were altered to fit within their respective class of weaponry. Early adopters watched the auto rifle go from a bullet fueled lawnmower to something that is not the main option. The shotgun has been on the topic of many as one with opinions being split right down the middle and hand cannons no longer be an alternative to the sniper. Now for my opinion. I think the guns are good as is. Most guns play within the parameter of their class in PvP and PvE. There just isn't any real need to go further with rebalancing. Besides if the Devs are no longer needing to revise the statistics of our guns this would give them time to look into content for the game which alleviates a problem we have all agreed on. Simply needing more things to do. Update: thanks for the statistics guys! While both are close it seems rebalancing is still something that players feel needs some work. Hopefully this helps developers know what may or may not need work. If you feel like something needs work, post it down in the comment section. Think it's good where it is? Tell us why and where you want Bungie to put resource into next.

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