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Изменено (MrMoosecakes): 10/20/2015 1:29:54 PM


I don't know about you guys but I for one, am sick of this. I go to work every day and grind for 8-10 hours for dollars that I can't even spend because I already own all the emotes. Bungie needs to do something about this. Tess needs to expand her store I propose that she allows us to pay real life money to upgrade year one exotics to year two level. Certain exotics can cost more than others so not EVERYBODY will have it. Like the Gally and Thorn could be $20 while less viable exotics like the Mida and others can be $5-$15. That way the people who work hard to EARN their money will have easier access to the better weapons Pay to win gaming is the new age of MMOs. It's time to accept it guys. Imagine if there was a trading system? In fact, bungie should implement a trading system so that we can purchase strange coins from farmers via eBay

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