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10/19/2015 6:55:29 PM

GCC recruiting (Ps4)

Hey Im Kr1tical Effect and I'm pretty new to Ps4 (but not to destiny) I have been formerly a destiny Xbox 360 user and leader of Death Raiderz (a pretty small but successful Xbox 360 clan). Now I'm back on destiny I'm currently looking new members 4 my new clan I just made. We do raids, nightfall, weekly heroics, just about anything and everything so if u need a hand with something just ask. Pls help out and join. Thx :) Recommend: Light level over 270/280 Pretty active (4hour a day is fine) No age limit ( if your 12 I don't care we're just here to have fun not exclude ppl just cause of their age) All these r recommendations so even if u r not active or light level is 180 or something u can still join and we'll help u out Thx 4 reading hope u guys will join. And the link is below to go to the clan to join Join here:

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