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Mighty Winds of power! Looking for members! [XBOX ONE]

The Vortex is a might wind whom will blow every obstacle in its path to the winds and beyond. As it suggests, this clan's mission is to dominate every clan, while securing the innovative prizes especially. Consider this clan, not only new but as we grow in size the wind will also grow in power. Let me make this clear; anyone is allowed to join but we need players who are not only active and are serious about the clan but also serious for the quests and raids and being down to earth wouldn't hurt. If you need help just ask me or other members who are available will assist you as best as we can. Mighty Winds of power is about raids and [b] nightfalls [/b]as well. This might not be the best clan, but experience is everything in my books. If your only about winning that's all you'll ever learn and learning to lose helps you improve (not saying losing every time is), which in return which will help you learn better skills. Last thing is numbers isn't everything other clans might have MLG pros but this clan is about having fun, while completing raids and just socializing. Only working together can you accomplish greater challenges that await you. Clan simple rules: 1.) No racist people 2.) No jerks 3.) Must be active more then two days at least 4.) Have fun 5.) Only show hate towards the enemy not each other I know people have a right to their own opinion (obviously) I respect that but please do not post anything that includes cyber bullying, harassment comments please keep those comments to your self if you thing this clan sucks fine so be it, just don't be a big jerk about it. But your welcome to give suggestions to this clan thread but please also limit rude comments if you don't mind thank and good day to you all. For more details about this clan click on the link below:

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