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10/7/2015 9:29:20 PM

Destiny Mission Idea and Layout: Lazarus

This Mission would only be available after the Player has completed the secret alternate-mission on “Paradox.” MISSION LOADING SCREEN ABOVE VENUS OPENS: Ikora Rey: Praedyth is still out there, floating infinitely in time. His body may be dead, but now we have his ghost. If we bring him back, he could provide invaluable knowledge about the Vex, and could even shed some light on the Collapse. UPON SPAWNING: (Spawn location: Normal VoG Raid Spawn.) Ikora Rey: First things first, we need to get back to Praedyth’s body. We could be able to use his ghost to establish a radio connection with him similar to our previous ones. But, we don’t want to alert every Vex inside of it. His ghost held a record of how Pahanin, one of his companions, escaped the Vault alive. There should be an entrance around the side. (Waypoints load progressively that lead to a small door around right side of the Vault.) Ghost: This must be it, let’s head inside. (Player goes down small tunnel that leads into the Gorgon’s Labyrinth. This tunnel could contain a large drop if it takes too long to get down there otherwise.) Ghost: Careful, if we’re spotted, we won’t be leaving. (Player avoids Gorgons and follows waypoints that lead to Praedyth’s body.) Praedyth (Over a radio, which leads to lots of static, but not enough to cut out the transmission): Hello? Is anyone there? Ikora: Praedyth, this is Ikora Rey, Warlock Mentor and Vanguard Leader. We’ve come down here to get you out. Is there any way you can help us? Praedyth (stuttering in a way that has it seem like he is stressed or confused): I.. I- I don’t know. It’s so confusing in here. Maybe, um… maybe if you obtained, let’s say- a.. uh- Vex Core from one of their Timekeepers, you could- um… how do I say this? You- you could travel to the Vex’s almost… prison (small pause) of Time itself. Ikora: Did you get that, Ghost? Ghost: Sure did, let’s go. (Player proceeds down the tunnel and the following jumping puzzles to get to the Atheon Boss Fight room. Atheon is seen dead on the ground in front of the glass triangle feature at the back of the room. He is less bright, but still glows faintly.) Ghost: Remember when this guy was a pain? *sighs happily* Good Times… (Player proceeds across the room to the lifeless Atheon.) Ghost: I’ll see if I can extract his core. (Small, glowing chunk of Atheon’s midsection is trans-matted.) Let’s hope this works! (The back of the glass triangle feature glows until it is completely white, almost blinding the player. A strange humming is heard and grows progressively louder as the Player walks toward the now-formed portal.) Ghost: Alright, let’s find Praedyth. (Player goes through portal.) (Player emerges on the other side of the portal. There are no defined walls or floors, only white. This white, however, does not blind the player. Small formations of Vex geometry about player-height are scattered in almost in a circle around a small, glowing, light blue ball of light that floats and bobs in place.) Praedyth (No static, but lots of echo): I see you! I’m over here! (Player walks toward the ball of light. Footsteps are loud and echoing.) Praedyth: I’m here! Get me out! (Voice starts to become mechanical, and the ball of light starts to grow and hum. Praedyth’s voice changes, and is replaced by a mechanical Vex Scream. The ball of light at this point has taken the form of a Vex Hydra with the same textural feel as Atheon.) BOSS FIGHT COMMENCES: KIFEX, WARDEN OF TIME (Strong “I”, Weak “E”) Boss crit spot: Glowing Midsection. Boss cannot move laterally, but only rotates to look at the player(s). No hydra shields and no elemental bias. Boss Fires two Torch Hammer-like projectiles at once that split into cluster bombs upon impact. Previously mentioned Vex Formations slowly move in a circle, and can be used as cover. For every ⅓ of boss health lost, Precursor Goblins and Hobgoblins spawn opposite of whatever side the player is on. When the Boss is at 10% Health, 2 Precursor Minotaurs spawn on either side of the boss. (Player defeats Kifex, Warden of Time.) (Cutscene Commences): (Screen goes white, progressively blinding the player. It then fades back into the image of the player outside of the glass triangle in the vault room. Screen cuts to the player looking at a warlock sitting on the floor wearing armor somewhat similar to the warlock VoG raid gear, breathing heavily.) Praedyth: (stands up and brushes himself off. He also looks at himself and moves his arms in a way that suggests he hasn’t seen them for a long time.) You- You did it! (Begins to laugh happily) Thank you, so, so much. (Praedyth stops as if he realized a dark truth.) The others- Pahanin, Kabr, did they make it? Ghost: Kabr didn’t make it, as much as we known. As for Pahanin, he escaped, but legends say he was killed soon after. I’m sorry. MISSION END: (Mission End Banner appears, XP is given, Rewards are given.) Ikora: An old Guardian, resurrected. This is a great day. The information he holds about the Vex, and the past itself could prove invaluable to our research. Let’s get him back to the tower. Good work, Guardian. OPTIONAL POST MISSION CONTENT: Praedyth is a vendor in the tower, found on Ikora’s side of the Vanguard Table. He could potentially unlock quests for a campaign against the Vex. Another option is that he could sell Year 2/Infusible versions of Vault Of Glass Raid Gear similarly to the way that exotic blueprints work. Which, yes, could mean the return of the Fatebringer. (I personally really liked how the armor looked, especially the titan gear.) END OF MISSION FILE Post-Script: Hello! Thank you for reading my mission idea for the continuation of the story and quests involving Praedyth. I tried to stick as closely to the formula most missions in Destiny work to make it a more realistic possibility for an actual mission. Feel free to make any comments and/or suggestions on how this could be improved say them as long as you aren’t just trying to shit on my fun. Even though Bungie would probably never even read this, much less even consider the possibility, I think this mission/possible questline would be a useful addition to the game and its lore. I know lots of people are waiting for Praedyth to show his cheeky face again in-game! Again, I’m not trying to sound cliche, but if this were somehow implemented into the game, or the concept of this mission’s plot was, that would mean the world to me. But even just reading this is already enough for me. Thank you!

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