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10/15/2015 2:33:09 PM

"The True Guardians of Sol" are recruiting!

He-He-He-Hows it going guys, Its me Rex here to Officially introduce the clan of [b][i]"The True Guardians of Sol"[/i][/b] as a full fledged clan, All we need are a few more members and the clan will appear online on the Xbox clan lists so if you could, Invite others, This is an extremely open clan and anyone and everyone can join, this clan is also a democracy so we do what everyone votes, and though i addressed this is a strictly Solar Subclass clan other classes are openly accepted. I would like to ask that Members of the clan please assign yourself as a Xbox Clanmate so the clan tag/name will appear in-game. One we have 2 more members assign themselves as xbox clanmates then the TAG/name will appear in-Game so we can spread our clan out. Once we get a few more members expect this to be extremely active. :) [b][: Info :][/b] This is a Purely Solar based subclass clan that is for both pvp and pve, The main rule of this clan is that we must use solar based sub-classes, Though you may use other sub-classes, it is highly recommended to fallow the creed of 'Sol' and burn threw the darkness like how we have. I created this Clan because of my love for the solar sub-classes. I hope that many share my love for theis Solar Sub-classes [b][: What we are :][/b] We are the Guardians of True Sol, we harness the powers of the sun itself and use that power to burn threw our foes whether they are of light or of dark. we also have our Creeds of classes [b]Sol Breaker, Titan- [/b][i]"We erupt threw the darkness, scorching and burning like a sun's supernova, Like a Burst of Light consuming the darkness around us."[/i] [b]Sun Singer, Warlock- [/b][i]"We Ascend to our highest physical and mental ability that is equal to the sun itself, burning threw the darkness, Like a light that cant be extinguished."[/i] [b]Gun Slinger, Hunter- [/b][i]"We Hunt down the dark while cloaked, we appear like a solar flare, Quick but with the strength of the sun, Like a pure shot of light made of the sun's essence."[/i] Though this is a new clan, I hope more will join so this clan become something grander and more active in the future, Other than that, Have a Great day mates! [b]^_^[/b]

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