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10/13/2015 5:19:53 PM

Really Cool Exotic Weapon Idea I Thought Of... (Heavy Sniper)

The idea would be something different, like the sleeper stimulant, in how it would be a secondary weapon in the heavy weapon slot. My idea was a heavy sniper rifle, but not just your everyday sniper rifle, It's a crossbow. A cool thing would be that your projectiles will correspond with your subclass (arc,solar,void). The crossbow would have an awesome custom reload animation where your arc, solar, or void arrows produce in your hand (using some of that destiny magic). what would be so special about the crossbow is that it will in a sense one shot opposing guardians in crucible. The bow will be a one shot to the head (Duh) but body shots won't kill initially but they'll trigger a sort of burn, electrocution, or drainage of health that will finish them off (similarly to the thorn, just more powerful). To balance out it's seemed opness though considered a "sniper" it would not have very far range and would succeed mostly in the mid-range. It would have a long reload (since it's a crossbow) and could only fire one shot at a time. It also would be hard to land precision kills. It could also have some perks like increased range or stability traded for a slower burn speed, etc. Tell Me what you think of the idea. Thanks for reading! :)

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